Sunday, April 22, 2007

hopped up on vicodin

i hate vicodin.

we met some friends at the park today. they have seven kids aging from eight to one. our kids really like them. we were buffeted by the wind. parking lot dust pelted us and i didn't feel much like eating. we brought one of tabitha's "show baked chickens" it was a big hit even during the dust storm. while others ate i got out the car-kite. it is a little kite that is easy to launch but usually only stays aloft for a few minutes. a downed kite means the next kid gets his turn. fun was had by all. then one of the kids wanted an escort to the bathroom so a mini entourage of the full bladder was formed. after the filthy bathroom was observed and spiders were counted we left by way of the playground. a pact was made--if the existing entourage would journey back with me we'd round up the rest of the interested players and promptly return to the playground area.


we returned and announced our intentions and disclosed our continued whereabouts. this time a sizable expedition was formed. then the running began we lost the only other interested adult in the dust. a deep concern slowly overwhelmed me. how was i going to keep track of all these kids? i contemplated the buddy system. then a seemingly miraculous idea popped above me. i would convince everyone to climb aboard the spinny go round really fast and wait for reinforcements. as kids started climbing on board i glanced back in vain for support. assuring that all kids were safely clinging to the bars i yelled "hold on for dear life". the spinning began as i ran along the side and launched them to a whirling doppler affected scream. then a few of them screamed in repeat "hold on for dear life". as i stood there with a heaving chest. i heard the dreaded "push us again". agreed.. then it happened the all started chanting faster, faster, faster. then it really happened, i felt a pop in my hamstring. i hobbled a few more steps and fell to the ground. it hurt like the worst charlie-horse-leg-cramp ever and hurt worse if i tried to move. luckily and humiliatingly shane (the other kids father) arrived to witness my crumple to the ground. kassi rushed over to me and i was briefly touched by her concern--"daddy i need to go pooo." shane took over kid monitoring and i lay there in pain. kassi left to go climb the climbing wall. shane came over to ask if she climbed up there by herself and if she was ok? i yelled for kassi to climb back down. "yeah she'll be fine" shane said "pulled a hamstring?" i said i don't think i can get up. shane sent his eldest son to get tabitha and the car. i forgot to give him the keys. silly me, i must have been distracted or something.

anyway i'm self medicated on some vicodin which still remained from my last injury several years ago. is vicodin shelf stable? ice, elevation, arnica and rest are calendared in for the next few days.

These are the remaining beets. the cedar poles kept the tarp from crushing the little buggers.

view from the garden past the barn to the new calf pen

hardening off the tomato seedlings. these are about eighteen inches tall.

the new calf pen that we built from scrap rough cut oak thin slab.

we are reluctantly letting our asparagus grow out to bush. oh, it took powerful self restraint to not keep eating those perfect spears.

did i mention that i hate vicodin?
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