Saturday, April 12, 2008

damn damn dam

it is going to freeze pretty hard over the next three nights. we covered the beets.

we covered the cabbages and broccoli.

we covered the trees.

this might not work? i plan to light a candle in a bucket under the peach tree on the third night if it survives the first two. that night is supposed to be still--worst threat yet.

this is the thrift store where we got the sheets $1 each. toly said he needs a driving thingie like this. tristan always heads straight for the most gun like toy. what gives?

we are having a huge flood in the area right now.

this is what the local dam usually looks like. there is a huge one up stream and another huge one down stream from us.

here it was today. where those people took that photo from is under water.

this road drives right into the water--but not normally.

this is shadowrock park. they usually hold the forsyth fair here. all of the building are under water except the really tall arena--huge tractors usually fit under that roof.

the bridge to bobs is way above it's old high water line on the piers. more water to come.

another building peak on the high-ground side of the park.

this is one of those floods that they'll talk about for years to come.


uncle matt said...

Holy cow! That's a lot of water! I wonder if y'all are getting the same storm stuff that was happening near my family. They had tornado watches and all in Tennessee. And now a cold snap? Hope all the veggies make it. Especially the chiles for the salsa Tabitha is gonna make for me! We're dealing with 90 degree-plus the beach! Is there no happy medium? Cool car thingy for Toly! How's the cat(s)?

jayedee said...

*fingers crossed* hope the cold doesn't affect ya'll overmuch and the dadgum water stays away!

yanno, that gun thing must be something all little boys go thru. when my boys were little, we had a strict no guns as toys policy. none! nada! never! but it didn't matter, they'd pick up sticks and pretend they were guns

tansy said...

good luck on the freezes. i've got heat lamps in my greenhouse. i haven't covered anything outside but might tonight.

Life at Dogfight Cove said...

hey karl- i was wondering where you got your kombucha starter- we'd like to try and make some. thanks, don't float away.

Danielle said...

Hot water bottles are supposed to help in an enclosed environment—soda bottles, milk or juice containers, etc.

Good luck!

Jessica said...

Wow! I'm glad you live on high ground-- is your pond huge right now?

That's funny about Tristan and the guns-- we had next door neighbors growing up who were 7th day adventist and homeschooled and didn't allow toy weapons, so their 3 boys would just go out and use sticks as guns, swords, etc.

Ed Abbey said...

Little Abbey has the very thing that Toly is riding. We picked it up at a garage sale for $0.50 last fall. I only learned this weekend that there is a lock under the back that allows it to splay open so that she can ride it while standing up. I can't imagine how many bumps and bruises are now in her immediate future.

Madeline said...

That was great news about Toly! yay. We are afraid it may freeze here tonight too (in GA). I love your sheets on the trees. I drink a shot of kombucha to it working!

hillbilly2be said...

Wow, that is a lot of water. I was wondering where all that rain we got went...

Maybe it's too late, but I've heard of running a sprinkler all night on fruit trees to keep the air around them above freezing. I've never done it personally, but I would try it if the trees were too big to cover with sheets, etc.


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