Sunday, April 06, 2008

muscle fatigue

the parade of chickens.

we fenced for two days. my hands are sore the most. my whole body is sore but i can barely type. we are two thirds the way done fencing in the paddock to the ravine.

this is what we started on the first day.

this is the second leg of the first day--yesterday.

here is one of the corner posts next to the rocky crossing.

here is the view from below up the second leg. it curves around the ravine a bit.

this is a view from above. it looks a little messy cause i had to cut that huge looming tree and it took out several other trees when it fell. so i have a bit of a mess to clean up yet.

here tabitha is digging the holes for the third leg. can you see the kids playing in the woods in the background?

here is kassi climbing a tree. in this photo she is about 6 feet off the ground.

tristan is playing on some vines near the creek.

here they both are. i love seeing my kids playing in the woods.

this is what we have to to the second day.

this is what we did the second day. the second post is the one tabitha was digging in the earlier photo.

we only had to put in two post on the right side. the approach to the rocky crossing is a bit tricky.

this it the furthest corner on our second leg--only one more leg to go.

here is the view toward the rocky crossing. that is a cattle panel acting as a gate at the end of this run.

this is my two wheeled dolly. this is indispensable in the ozarks. i don't have a tractor so when i do stuff it is all by hand. this tool carries rocks that i can't lift and fence posts that are too heavy to shoulder.

just a nice photo of the girls. they were following me around thinking i should feed them--i did. they are like pets with benefits. they are pleasant to be around and feed us at the same time.


Suzanne said...

Omigosh Karl....that is SO MUCH WORK!!! It will be great when it's all done and then you'll just have to switch into fencing mending mode.

tansy said...

wow. you guys kicked butt this weekend!

nt moore said...

Nice work man. When I was fencing in a sheep/goose/duck pasture last summer I found the "twist" posthole digger indispensable. Do you have one of those?

Stupidly, I was fencing with old rusty auction fence, not the nice new stuff it looks like you're using. Splicing rusted wires seemed to take half of the time.

Beth said...

Congratualtions on the fencing. It's looking good. We fenced in about 2 acres last year and much of it looks like your property. Trees, trees and more trees. We spent days before cutting a path thru.
You're doing a great job.


Lisa said...

Wow! My arms ache just looking at those pictures! You are doing a great job. I love seeing the kids playing in the background. I bet they sleep pretty good at night! You too!

Wendy said...

I feel the same way about my chickens - pets, with benefits ;).

That sure was a lot of work. The fence looks great. And I second the sentiment - I love seeing my kids playing in the woods ;). It seems like such a natural thing.

mamabug said...

excellent! do you make all your own posts from the trees on your property?
It must have been nice to have a non-rainy day, even if filled with work.

Madeline said...

I haven't done this in sooo long and didn't really do more then aid my farm - man. But I remember. You did sooo much! hope you are taking a long rest now, in lots of hot water.

hillbilly2be said...

Hehe, I'll bet you're sore, Karl. And Tabitha. :) I love seeing your pictures. And I sure do love seeing kids playing in the woods, too. I need to find me a dolly like that... I've just been abusing my flimsy wheelbarrow so far. :)

Take it easy,

cat said...

you guys have been busy!! how is tabitha holding up? when is she due? we just found out we are expecting another little bean around thanksgiving!

anyway, excellent work guys!! want to come over and fence in the area for our goats? LOL

Danielle said...

You two really did kick butt and the fact that Tabitha's body is working double time to grow a baby and then give 100% to digging freakin' holes....Wowza! She's a freakin' super woman!

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