Thursday, April 03, 2008

new cow

we just confirmed the purchase of a new jersey (in milk). yes we have two cows--but not really. one of our cows is owned by our friends. we are her care takers. we dried her up cause she is due very soon. i look forward to her freshening soon--fresh cream in my coffee again.

anyway, the new cow (yet to be named) will arrive tomorrow. we are getting her from a friend--whom we trust. she is bred back via AI to a show jersey bull--fingers crossed for a heifer. she is due in late fall after our cow, nimue. we'll be in the milk then..

we have been working on fence around here, as best we can. the rain thwarts our every other attempt. we'll need more pasture for all these cows--at least pooping space. it's raining now else i'd take photos. tomorrow it is supposed to let up for the weekend. hooray!!!!! i'll be fencing and working on my root cellar.

the new baby is definitely a boy. whoo hoooo the toilet seat stays up--the boys outweigh the girls(just kidding). we are going to name him romneya (it'll be Rome for short). the kids already call him baby rome-rome.

i laid tile all day today at bobs. i have a helper now. in true bob fashion the tile were all surplus. i have to make something out of a pile of discarded tile. i finished about thirty square feet of tile after spending a few hours planning, measuring and imagining. in my minds eye it should look great. such a huge challenge but great fun at the same time.
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