Friday, April 04, 2008

photo update

things are really greening up around here.

this is the top corner post. it is double tensioned because it might hold a gate someday too.

this is the lower first corner. we are cutting out the ravine from the paddock. the cedar posts got sap all over my gloves. these are tensioned to keep the corner straight under fence pressure.

this is the redbrand woven fence. we hope this will help keep the chickens home..

and one surviving guinea.

i use gaucho barb wire. it is cheap and lasts. some people hate it because it has a memory. it'll coil back and give you a good poke.

this is my trusty wheel barrow. i wish i had three more of these. we use the chat (gravel) to help pack the fence post down in. i use the flat end of the heavy bar to really drive the post sturdy with chat, rocks and dirt.

here is our chicken tractor. it has seen a few hard years of use. it needs a re-vamp. i just bought the stuff for a second tractor. we are going to raise three broods of broiler chickens.

a view of the garden from the barn loft. i can't wait to make some progress on the barn.

photos of the new cow to come this evening.

pablo this is for you, and anyone who'd like to guess too.

this is the new cow. we might name her frida. she is pleasant and pretty
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