Friday, April 11, 2008

great news

the final test from toly's hospital visit came back. they tested his small intestine to see if it was making lactase, the enzyme that digests lactose. he tested positive, that he doesn't produce lactase. all in all it is good news.

we know whats wrong with him and we can correct the problem. effectually we are naturally are migrating to the solution as a family anyway. fresh raw milk, that hasn't been pasteurized or homogenized, contains the proper amount of lactase to help digest lactose. milk, a food in perfect balance before industrialization messed with it.

no more eating out when we go anywhere--that'll save money anyway.

rori the new cow, is up to two gallons of milk per day. that is plenty for our needs. tabitha can make all the cheese, sour cream and butter we need from that amount.

the cat is flipping out on hormones. she is such a great mama. tabitha called the vet because she was acting so weird.

the local lakes are flooding like crazy. tabitha's grandma is being evacuated from her house lake levels have never been as high as they are predicting. tourist hot spots in branson are flooding. in my opinion mother nature could smite that abomination and cleanse it from the ozarks--i'll miss silver dollar city though.

we almost finished the final leg of the fence yesterday. my hands and arms were ruined by the end of the day. we are going out there right now to complete the final touches before we can turn the cows out there. i'll post photos (in this entry) this evening.

the kids playing on a pile of clay.

the cow are out in the new paddock. the wind is whipping the clothes dry today.

nearing sunset. the cow really like their new paddock.

the light is really beautiful. i am standing on the back step to the house.


uncle matt said...

That's great news for Toly and the whole Family! Milk is THE best stuff in the whole world! I don't care what "they" say. I feel the same way about SB the way you feel about Branson. Smite! Smite! Smite! Except leave my coffee places. The cat will calm down soon, I'm sure. BTW, wasn't yesterday a great day to be born?

Gracious Acres said...

Even if it isn't the best news in the world, it has to be a relief to have a definitive diagnosis for the little guy. You must be relieved! Glad Tori is giving you lots of good fresh milk. I've never heard of a tail-less cat - - is that a "Missouri thing?" ;)

cat said...

that is such great news about your babe! at least you know what needs to be done...oh man! what a roller coaster for you guys..thank the gods it isn't anything bad!

and so wonderful about the new cow...:)

Pablo said...

I'm so, so glad for all of your good news, Karl. Especially for Toly, who's too little to understand. I'm glad it's not something horrible like you first feared.

Woody said...

That is fantastic news!

Kush said...

Great to know what is going on. Must be a load off.

Nicole said...

I found you guys just recently and muswt admit to reading through the history of your blog. And sending my husband tons of emails about the fabulous life your family is living. thank you for taking the time to share your vision and reality with us all.

Anyways! So glad to hear that Toly has a diagnosis. What a great relief!

Love the shots of the new paddock, and all the bits of green!

Life at Dogfight Cove said...

so glad to hear it and of course the solution is a natural one- yummy milk! we just started getting raw milk from our neighbor this week and have already gone thru almost 2 gallons. i can't wait to learn to make yogurt, butter, sour cream... so many possibilities. one more thing we don't have to buy at the store.

Beth said...

I am so glad that a diagnosis has been found for Toly. I know y'all are so relieved. Congrats on finishing the fence and getting the cows moved. Love seeing the clothes blowing in the wind. I just love clotheslines.

jayedee said...

oh my gosh! what a huge relief to finally know what's going on with toly! NOW you actually know what to do next. i can only imagine that ya'll must feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders!

Wendy said...

I love those last two pictures! I can't wait until my "homestead" is that green ... it's not long now, but seeing your pictures makes me long for it even more ;).

I'm so happy to hear that Toly's problem is something that's so easily treatable, and I kind of have the same opinion about our modern propensity toward trying to make "nature" better. I think it's already pretty remarkable without any help from us :).

karl said...

uncle matt, yes yes, happy birthday.

gracious acres, thank you for you well wishes. i'm not sure the origin of this curr cat. i'm sure her lineage is closer to wild than most house cats though--given her voracious hunting prowess.

cat, thanks yeah the roller coaster metaphor describes it fairly well 'cept i normally like roller coasters.

pablo, i really appreciate your support.

woody, thanks whew..

kush, yeah it really is a load off.

nicole, welcome glad you enjoy.

dogfight cove, thanks. raw milk is a wonderful thing isn't it?

beth, thank you, as far as the clothes line--i can't imagine that such a beautiful thing can be illegal in many cities and towns.

jayedee, thanks for your support.

wendy, spring is coming. yeah nature does know best. we have proven that over and over. society still buys into the industrialization propaganda. industry finds an easier way to be lazy and cut corners, they spoon feed it to us and demand that we follow their errant path. that is a sore topic for me...

Robbyn said...

Wow, SO glad you guys got the good news about Toly! We've gotten hooked on raw milk over here, though we have to drive and drive to get it and it costs a pretty penny...once our bodies got used to the raw, they crave it. So happy for you that you have your own wonderful Jerseys...congrats on finishing the new paddock for them :)

Ed Abbey said...

Both my brother and I had the same thing Toly had when we were kids. We both eventually outgrew it, I around eight years old and my brother a few years later. Up until then, we drank lots of soy milk and another milk that was tinkered on even further to remove the stuff we couldn't digest. I hope Toly eventually outgrows it too.

ljallbee said...

I'm usually a lurker here, with that said, I was just curious if they had checked Toly for Celiac Disease since he isn't producing lactase. The damage from eating gluten causes the villi in the small intestine to not be able to produce lactase.

Christy said...

That's good news about Toly.

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