Friday, April 11, 2008

great news

the final test from toly's hospital visit came back. they tested his small intestine to see if it was making lactase, the enzyme that digests lactose. he tested positive, that he doesn't produce lactase. all in all it is good news.

we know whats wrong with him and we can correct the problem. effectually we are naturally are migrating to the solution as a family anyway. fresh raw milk, that hasn't been pasteurized or homogenized, contains the proper amount of lactase to help digest lactose. milk, a food in perfect balance before industrialization messed with it.

no more eating out when we go anywhere--that'll save money anyway.

rori the new cow, is up to two gallons of milk per day. that is plenty for our needs. tabitha can make all the cheese, sour cream and butter we need from that amount.

the cat is flipping out on hormones. she is such a great mama. tabitha called the vet because she was acting so weird.

the local lakes are flooding like crazy. tabitha's grandma is being evacuated from her house lake levels have never been as high as they are predicting. tourist hot spots in branson are flooding. in my opinion mother nature could smite that abomination and cleanse it from the ozarks--i'll miss silver dollar city though.

we almost finished the final leg of the fence yesterday. my hands and arms were ruined by the end of the day. we are going out there right now to complete the final touches before we can turn the cows out there. i'll post photos (in this entry) this evening.

the kids playing on a pile of clay.

the cow are out in the new paddock. the wind is whipping the clothes dry today.

nearing sunset. the cow really like their new paddock.

the light is really beautiful. i am standing on the back step to the house.
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