Wednesday, April 21, 2010

compost day

today was almost entirely dedicated to compost. the nine foot space between these two pallet bins was two thirds full of compost. that large bin was starting to fall apart. so i decided to empty and demolish it. it held about six yards of compost when full. it was full before planting started this spring.

i put about half of it in the new bin on the right. the other half is this huge pile in the garden waiting to nourish our little seedlings.

over a dozen full wheel barrow loads.

then i decided that we needed a couple more bins to take the daily manure removal from the stable. i wanted them next to the stable door for easy access.

here are the new compost bins.

the one on the right was filled from turning another demolished bin. that compost will be ready for our fall garden. the pink door is because i opened an old can of paint that couldn't be resealed. i painted a few other things around the farm. i hate to waste paint.

ianto and jack have settled in nicely.

this morning we planted red raspberries.

yesterday we planted tomatillos. they are a little more hardy toward cooler temps than tomatoes.

they are just to the left of the bean arch in this photo. here they are from the other angle.

i also hooked up one of the manifolds to the soaker hoses.

i put the hoses and manifold (four way splitter) on tarp to suppress weeds and expose any leaks that always appear throughout the summer.

our giant bamboo has just started to show. it comes a little later than the smaller local bamboo.

our ginko tree is looking healthy.

in the background is a cover crop of winter wheat and my huge pile of compost.

tabitha made a bamboo gate.


our beets are up and doing nicely.

beets = good

our wisteria likes the new bamboo trellis.
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