Tuesday, April 06, 2010

photo heavy progress

i finished my rainwater chicken piping. i only had to purchase a few parts. i already had most of them. one critical part that i had and didn't purchase was cracked. i was almost thwarted but luckily i changed my plan. a few modifications to some fittings and i was in business.

here it is nearly finished. all i need is to cover it from the sunlight and install a leaf screen pre-filter from the gutter chain.

my self flushing screen is integrated in the valve from the tank.

i epoxied a fine mesh screen to the end of the pipe. after reaming out the "T" so the pipe would slip clear into the fitting, i glued the pipe into the branch side of the "T". the water normally takes the turn in the "T" to go to the water fountain. when i use the bucket fill valve it automatically rushes water past the constricted screen area. this flushes my screen and keeps the system operational.

i finished that in the morning then we went to harrison arkansas. they had the exact snow fence that we have been looking for. it was very inexpensive since it was sitting around for quite a while.

we borrowed bobs trailer and it worked perfectly.

then we worked on the calf pen. i finished roofing the entire thing. it has been renamed "the stable."

here is my mineral feeder.

here is the cow first day in this paddock.

she slept in her stable last night.

astrid is really coming into her own.

guarding and protecting are heavily in her nature.

this morning we started on the arbor. here are the raw materials.

i was gifted those arches from a friend.

the o'melay boys ready to help.

we decided to turn the arches up, japanese style.

i love it.

the cross slats were parts from our old grill. i like to recycle everything.

it will get painted a dark brown and be covered in kassi's roses. there will be slats ascending up each side.

tabitha and the kids picked three quarts total of violets. here is their first batch.

pretty violets
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