Sunday, April 04, 2010


we have been selling eggs for a few months now. it seems to be balancing out. i mean, we are mostly paying for our eggs and have extra for extended family. we were frightened of "the other fella" as my father-in-law calls customers. so far most everyone is very nice and gracious. i must admit that our eggs are amazing and that goes a long way to securing return customers.

a couple of days ago i was working in my messy garage and an extra big shiny new truck pulls up. an older gentleman wearing a veteran of some war hat says "how much are you gonna charge me for a dozen eggs?" i say "two fifty." he carried on to balk at the price. finally, he asked if i knew how much he could get them for in the store. "a dollar ninety three just down the road." he listed some local store near springfield that sold them for less and would i take two dollars? i said "i would just as soon give you a dozen eggs" i was heavily implying that if he might be too poor to afford them (obviously, he could afford them).

we exchanged a few more words, his face got pretty red and he left. i almost asked him directly if he couldn't afford them i'd go get him a dozen. it was just as well, he wouldn't have been able to taste the difference between our eggs and those minimized eggs in the store anyway.

that is the exception. most of our customers are wonderful. this is especially encouraging since we are preparing to take deposits for our pastured poultry starting april fifteenth. that is when we will take possession of our new chicks. our friends just got their chicks from the same new hatchery we are both trying this year. they look great.

yesterday we went to the semi-local feed and farm store. we got some new chicks. we are hoping for some colored egg layers. that will mix it up a little. we need to have a culling of older hens pretty soon. these new birds should pick up the slack in a few months. we have always ordered our chicks from the springfield hatchery or mail order. this method is new to us.

i also bought a new stock tank. two by two by eight feet. i put it next to the cow pen and plan rain water collection from the barn and pen shed. tabitha and i have decided that i need to roof the other half of the cow pen to keep control over the deep bedding. i might try to get to that after the annual easter egg hunt today.

happy easter
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