Friday, April 30, 2010

hay door

are you sick of the barn yet? here is my new hay door. this baby is heavy, so heavy that i had to install a pulley to remove it from the pins to add the final center hinge.

see the pulley on the top right?

here is the east end of the barn almost finished.

just a few triangles left over the window.

the dogs found a baby wood duckling. tabitha rescued it. we called the proper people and they said try to raise it it will go wild as soon as it sees other ducks. so now we have a wood duckling. she is trying to feed it with a huge syringe. astrid was gently carrying it to her. she must have thought it was one of our chicks. crazy...

jack is ok and happily being a puppy again.

tabitha and i hung out in the barn during a heavy rain. it was fun, noisy and it smelled good. i am excited to get some progress on the barn. digging and rubble trench foundation are next.
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