Saturday, April 10, 2010

torchwood fans get your fanfic elsewhere

we have been waiting for another puppy since we got astrid.

she is a good dog but we never ever ever want to be without a LSG dog again. we need back up and we want replacements in the future. great pyranees, in my humble opinion, are the greatest dogs ever bred. people that have had bad experiences with them haven't gotten them young enough or haven't given them an interesting job.

if you thought those kitten were cute a few post back, brace yourself..


meet ianto pronounced yanto, he is on the right. that is jack on the left.

jack for short, aka captain jack harkness.

rome is really excited.

kassi and rome are waiting for me to introduce astrid to the boys.

toly and ianto

astrid checking things out.

rome thinks they are little polar bears.

they might be.

i think that kassi looks a little like my mother in this photo

tristan trying to teach them their names.

kassi waiting her turn.

time for a nap boys
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