Friday, October 15, 2010

Barn Progress and broken arm?

Yesterday I managed to pour/slip-form part of the barn foundation. The kids helped. They gathered rocks. I showed Tristan how to place the rock while I shoveled in the cement mix. All of this will be below grade so aesthetics aren't important yet. This is good practice for the upper layers when we want a certain look.

Having the kids help meant they were playing in and around the barn. Just after I cleaned up Tristan and Kassi were playing in the loft. Kassi was jumping and got tangled with Tristan. He tried to grab her but she slipped and fell on her wrist. We are taking her to the doctor this morning to probably get an x-ray.

To top it off I have fallen ill with some allergy related stuffy nose and head ache. Tabitha will take Kassi and Rome while I stay and rest with Toly and Tristan.

I might get a photo of the slip-form progress later this morning.


warren said...

Yes please on the photos. I have always been interested in slip-form!

Robin said...

I hope she didn't break it. My little niece just broke her collar bone falling off the couch about a week ago.

Procrastination Free Living said...

I'm sad for her but I'm one of the who pray for here !! get well soon !! but I'm also interested in slip-form.. !! good day!!

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