Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cream separator videos

As I mentioned in a previous post we are happy with it. The main flaw with the unit is the instructions are near impossible make sense of. The interpretation from Russian is horrid and gut busting funny at times. Tabitha and I got so giddy that we giggled the entire time. That was, until milk was flinging all over our kitchen.
Not wanting to cry over spilled milk we decided to figure this thing out and promptly fell in love with it.

So that others might enjoy the separator as much as us, we made a video about it. Well, several videos. Comments were made toward me, disguised as constructive criticism, regarding my over use of certain words. Hurdles aside we managed to produce two videos. One of them is the assembly of the unit.

The second one is the use of the unit.

At the end of the day we had a great time doing it. There will be more to come regarding this topic, sorry to everyone that cares nothing about cream.


feebeeglee said...

"cares nothing about cream" is like saying "cares nothing about goodness and love and puppies."

bethanial11 said...

ditto what the previous commenter said - I buy 1/2 and 1/2 for my coffee because cream is so stinkin' expensive. I hope to one day have some dairy goats; I know cow's milk separates easier b/c goats milk comes out homogenized, but would this work with goats milk?

jacki said...

I see that with this method you get cream and skim milk. Is there any way to get 1% milk? Would that be a different setting on the separator, or would you be able to add some cream back in or something?

I love these videos. I think you guys did a fantastic job!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, by the way. Made me smile. :)

karl said...

fee, ;)

Bethanial, Yes it does work with goats but that is only hearsay.
this is a video of them doing it from goats milk.

jacki, the exact answer is a little involved. our milk is skim but tastes like whole because our cow is a jersey. it is a milk solids and protein thing. being raw milk the cream rises to the top even 1% will leave a little layer of cream-top. not homogenized means that once you drink the top layer of cream you are drinking skim milk anyway. so, yes you can dial this thing in leaving a percentage of milk fat but milk testing is needed to achieve an exact percentage.

Danielle said...

Thank you two, so much! I was wondering how it worked. Joe got all excited but my current goat doesn't as huge milkfat as my previous goat, therefore I'm not sure I'd get much cream from trying to seperate. Very cool and interesting though!

jacki said...

Thanks for the info!i

Marion said...

Thank you for this. We debated this version from the Ukraine and the stainless hopper version (with plastic spouts) from Hoeggers (made in India)...but decided on this one believing the milk isn't in the hopper long enough to matter...and it's less expensive...and we now have such GREAT instructions on using it thanks to you! Also thanks to Tammy Cupp for posting this on her FB page!

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Superb videos! Now I feel that I've met you, just a shame your faces weren't in the picture. Maybe next time consider an intro with the pair of you in front of the camera like a pair of pro TV presenters.
We love the device and I've bookmarked this page in case we ever get goats in the future.

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