Thursday, October 14, 2010

Don't be scared, I changed how things look around here

I haven't changed my blogger template for eons. Mostly because I'm lazy, I'm not resistant to change. I swear, I'm not crossing my fingers either...

Tabitha is the furniture mover around here and has suggested that I update things. I usually just go with whatever is easiest. I will have a new banner very soon. Order will prevail.

The real motivator was that our new separator videos got clipped by the old layout. I can't have that. Also, I like the wider template and that will stay. The background is some stock photo but could be just down the road. I'll likely keep that too.

there is also some additional response clicks at the bottom. reactions funny, interesting, cool? i might try to put "lame" in there just to even things out. Tabitha suggests "get a hair cut hippie" that would be good too.

I'll tweek things a bit more but this is now the new skin I wear.


warren said...

Looks good to me...change is always good!

Ed said...

I'm like you when it comes to blog design, whatever was easier. Perhaps I need to put in a little more effort.

Like your barn slip form progress.

I never broke my arm jumping out of things as a kid, something that amazes me to this day. But I did break my brother's arm wrestling so perhaps I made up for it. Glad to hear that Kassi's break isn't a bad one. She'll heal quick.

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