Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ginger finally came home

In neat little white packages.

Why is it no matter what measures I take, like giving them a business card with my name spelled correctly across the top, everyone spells my name wrong? I am always surprised on the rare occasion someone gets it right. The butcher taking twice as long as they said and the "name" issue left a sour taste in my mouth. That was remedied this morning by the taste of extra thick cut bacon smoked to perfection. Their quality is worth the extra little trouble.

I gave the owner of the butcher shop a little trouble for the lateness. He responded very graciously bribed my good will with two feed sacks of bones for my dogs. I will still recommend him because it is all about quality. A good butcher is hard to find. He'll likely have my business more in the future.

We are planning on getting three maybe four pigs this next round. Furthermore we are planning to raise a gilt to farrow. We love having pigs and during times without we miss them terribly. Having a sow means never being without a pig. Also I hope to raise pigs to be ready for butcher in the cold of winter. I want this because I want to butcher my own hogs someday. I want to smoke my own meat. This will be another tier of self sufficiency that I hope to enjoy.

Mike, Tabitha's father, has permanently spoken for one of our pigs each round. Many of our customers have expressed interest in milk-fed pork. I think we can pasture raise in combination with milk and hay. Our test will be with our first piglets born on site. They will also help me claim some of our forest for even more pasture.

This is a huge endeavor and will require plenty of work on my part but the kids are just getting to an age of helpfulness and I hope to instill a strong work ethic in them. Fencing will have to happen this winter in earnest.


kentuckyagrarianwannabe said...

Quality is usually worth the wait, but I hate it when the give you a date and then don't make the date. It would be different if they let you know they are behind but they rarely do, enjoy some fresh pork for me.


karl said...

Tim, Yes it is worth the wait but watching the pigs grow is kinda like waiting too. I guess we were simply anxious.

How does pork chops on the grill sound?

kentuckyagrarianwannabe said...

Can smell them as we speak/type!!

Homesteading Mommy said...

the little farm girl and I are enjoying Little House in the Big Woods right now and reading about how they smoked pork and venison makes me want to do it too! Good luck with it all!

Whirliegig said...

We're doing our first pig this year. I'm anxious and excited about it. While we didn't have the opportunity to have first hand experience raising it, the anticipation has still been there. Hope you enjoy!

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