Saturday, October 09, 2010


I was recently lucky enough to attend a sustainability conference in Springfield Missouri--O.N.E. Ozarks New Energy. My employer The Alternative Energy Company had a booth but I got to attend every seminar I wanted. Well almost, seminar scheduling conflicts kept me from a couple of interest. The highlights were ammonia as a fuel alternative to compressed hydrogen NH3, tierra petra, Greensberg KS, Steam Engines, Local Food and a few politicians spewing rhetoric.

The politicians made so angry that I went to a seminar immediately following day two lunch about micro-hydro hoping for some hippies to hug. It proved to be the best seminar ever, engineers and architects designing a beautiful 1-4 kw micro-hydro system.

I feel good, recharged and motivated to continue to live as sustainably as possible. If you have read our blogs for a while you know the measures we take. We have been of this mindset for so long it is difficult to see any other way. I had several opportunities to discuss during presentations "new ideas" from a real-world experience perspective. I have tried and will continue tierra-petra for example. I have built a bio-diesel reactor. We eat local to a degree that is near impossible for a city dweller. I am not trying to be smug, I simply feel proud to be living this way. I want everyone to know this because the more proponents of an idea the greater momentum a movement can achieve. Lord knows Missouri could use some momentum.

Here at home we received a new cream/milk separator from the Ukraine.

If you milk an animal you need one of these. It is wonderful. It separates the milk and cream straight from the cow and is amazingly exact. Cream is in the highest demand here for butter and cream in our coffee.

We got the hand crank version. It has been really fun. Being hand crank makes it a two person operation but we could alter our system a little and solve that concern also. One huge benefit is it makes the most wonderful milk froth/foam. I spoon it onto my creamy coffee in the morning. This must be where the cappuccino originated.

ahh tasty indeed...
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