Wednesday, August 01, 2007

one local summer extra credit.

extremely local pasta sauce. this was the left over that didn't fit into canning jars. man was it ever good. the noodles are probably hodson mill 50 miles. and then there is the cheese. well, who can say no to asiago. tabitha maks a mean queso fresca but hasn't attmpted asiago (my all time favorite with stilton a close second). cheese making has screeched to a halt because the culture fell from the freezer and died. we'll have to purchase more of it when finances allow.

extremely local salsa. yes i know you are probably sick of hearing about pico de gallo but we eat it every chance we get. see that cute little sun on the side of the jar? that means it was from sunday milking.

extremely local tacos, not the tortillas but everything else was local. tortillas are on our list to make ourselves but there is simply too much going on around here right now. tabitha has successfully replicated the exact flavor of those taco mix packages that you add to your ground beef (in our case merlin). beans, cheese, cucumber slices and milk all from the pile.

one local summer #6
will be tomorrow tabitha will even be making noodles. i'll take lots of photos.


uncle matt said...

Mmmmmm! Everything looks mouth-watering delicious! Are those Merlin tacos? Yummy!

cat said...

very delicious looking!!! i can't wait to get my goats and start making our own cheese..:) i wonder if we can do a stilton type with goat cream? hmm..haha we LOVE stilton.

excellent meal karl!! the fam is eating well at your house..:)

Manerva said...

Did I miss something? When did Tabitha cut her hair? Looks really nice - and cool:)

Oh, and your dinner looks wonderful!

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