Sunday, August 12, 2007

one local summer week #7

eggs in hell

omelay fresh eggs
local 50 mile pasta
zero mile pasta sauce
100 mile sour dough
zero mile garlic and butter
fresh milk

of course we had omelay pico de gallo and chips for an appetizer.

the eggs are poached in spaghetti sauce and poured on the pasta. simple and cheap.

that meal cost us very little except the hard work to have this little farmstead.
the girls (chickens) fend for themselves this time of year. nimue pays for herself in sold extra milk and the spaghetti sauce is is from our garden. water and propane are the only things paid for to raise and cook this meal.

next year we plan to completely offset our seed purchase. alas that is for another post.

garden cost breakdown
water bill increase $35 per month
gas for tiller $10 all summer
soaker hoses and repair kits $40
string and extras. $10
seeds and starts $75

water $ 140
seeds $ 75
gas $ 10
hoses $ 40
string$ 10

garden disposable cost $275

differed costs
tiller $700
cattle panels $130
fence posts $200

ok already, it's a life style. it pays off because the quality and caliber of this food just isn't available here.
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