Friday, August 31, 2007

one local summer week #10

eat your view, i guess is a popular bumper sticker in europe. it embodies all of the concepts of eating local but takes my mind to saving the landscape by supporting the local small farms. i just read a fascinating article no bar code, thanks phoebe. it is a great read and supplied me with great answers to many questions. why do you raise chickens? why do you have such a huge garden? is it really worth all the work? i'm kinda heated up...

it is really worth all the work, especially for our kids. ok, stepping off the soap box.

locally grown steak dinner, grilled okra, and pickled beets.

the steak was t-bone from merlin our butchered calf. zero miles from the pile.
the okra marinated in soy sauce and grilled with the steak zero mile except the organic soy sauce. the pickled beets, a household favorite, are zer-o-local except the cinnamon, cloves and vinegar. although, the final product is local and we plan to make our own apple cider vinegar once our orchard is of age.

baby carnivore.

you are what you eat eats. if the foodglomeratly grown tomato in americas fridge was raised in marginal soil on petrol based fertilizers, awful pesticides and genetically modified to ship pretty. we missed point. why do we settle for, embrace, poor quality in our food chain?


Wendy said...

For me, my garden isn't any more difficult "work" than whatever I would have to do to make more money to buy the items I'm currently growing.

I've loved following your "local" meals, and it always makes me smile to see the "zero miles from the pile" after a food item.

We're planning to do homemade apple cider this year. Our neighbor has an apple tree and said we could have his apples. I have great neighbors :).

Saille said...

Can you check that hyperlink? I'd really like to read the article, but the link is bad. Thanks.

karl said...

link fixed

jomama said...

Some day fairly soon, I doubt we'll
have much choice but to eat very locally.

lucette said...

I love "eat your view": perfect.

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