Sunday, August 12, 2007

temperatures soar in the ozarks

triple digit temperatures have settled upon us for the past few days and more is expected all this coming week. our garden is suffering. we have been earnestly watering but the heat is just too much.

this is the kind of heat where it zaps the energy right out of you. the only farmstead progress that has been made has been indoors. yesterday was so hot we gave up the ghost and headed for a movie theater. they are notoriously chilly places to spend a few hours during extreme temperatures. we saw stardust i give it a 8.5. it was a welcome escape from the backing up outdoor work around here.

tabitha and i have made a pact that today we'll accomplish many needed tasks. there is plenty that can be done indoors that'll keep us busy all day. i need to work on the walls and ceiling of the bathroom. tomatoes need to be made into sauce. i have a little web work to finish and then i will invoice them. tabitha might start some cheese. our day is already filled.

toly and daddy were having a bit of a tickle session.

he has a similar deep belly laugh that tristan has. it is a wonderful asset since people will strive to make them laugh so they can hear it.

he is such a dangerous combination of kassi and tristan that is scares me. he is a little daredevil that climbs everything just to stand on top of it. he is so strong he can hang from his hands for at least a minute--he weighs twenty five pounds. he can climb on top of anything that he can get a grip on. being the third child in a rough and tumble house makes him impervious to most small knocks and bumps that would have sent tristan into tears.

best of all he follows his siblings suit. when i get home from work he gets so excited and hugs and kisses me with the best of them--screeching da da dada da da. now, these are the moments that makes fatherhood so wonderful.

what is your strongest memory of your children that made you glow with paternal glory? you can take it to your blog and link here if you like.
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