Wednesday, August 01, 2007


i put another tier in the root cellar bottle wall. i need more bottles and my wine consumption isn't up to the pace since i'd like to be completed by fall.

i repaired bocas feeder those bad goats jump up on it and it finally gave way. i have mixed feelings about those damn goats. they are allegedly good to keep down the scrub but that has yet to be revealed. i think they are spoiled.

i wire wheeled most of the bath tub. man was that ever a job. i could only stand a few square feet at a time. toms angle grinder is an arm buster. the veins would start bulging in my arms after just a few seconds of holding it in place.

tabitha prepared another batch of pasta sauce. i helped by cutting onions. i would have just as soon started work on my solar food dehydrator. the stars weren't lining up for that one. tabitha did sun dry a few onions. they are like candy.

we'll plant fall beets tomorrow morning after milking. i'll go to bobs late and work into the afternoon. the afternoon will be too hot to attempt any work around here. it'll be better to work in the relative cool of bobs during the heat of the day.

i'm off to try to put a dent in my root cellar bottle wall needs.
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