Saturday, August 25, 2007

the pink hospital

the pink

there has been a general pinkishness around here. well kassi is always pink. most of her clothes are pink. she is quick to answer the question "what something should look like?" she says "it should be be pink". well we here at the pile of omelays have reverted back to (california types). it has been apparent that tabitha cut her hair--i cut her hair. of the myriad of excuses "it was too hot" and "toly was always pulling on it" were the biggies. anyway, short hair needs a little something to spruce it up.

it was a two day process. bleaching twice then applying the bubblegum pink. the entire time i was doing it kassi was so envious. so i pinked her too. of course i didn't bleach her hair. the process is entirely safe and much less toxic than eating at mcdonalds.

so here we are here in the middle of po-dunk, no-where, ozarks looking like some crazed heathens.

the hospital

kassi was reading under the book shelf and perched above her was the heavy metal crayon box. tristan pulled the keystone book that supported the crayons. i watched it slide in slow motion, just out of reach and plummet to her forehead. the corner hit and caused a vertical cut. i screamed like a little girl. she bled like crazy and it was obvious that we needed medical assistance in closing the gape. we piled into the car, cause thats what piles do, and went to urgent care.

upon reflection it is difficult appear like concerned parents at an ultra conservative hospital with half the family having pink hair. admittedly most of their clientèle dyes their hair and it is equally unnatural. branson with many retired folk, iridescent blue is more acceptable.

i let the girls off at the front and went to park. after changing the poopiest diaper in the world with substandard supplies. (half a stale water bottle, a dirty t-shirt and a disposable emergency diaper that i just happened to have stowed in the car) the male half of our entourage entered the busy hospital. luckily finding tabitha was no problem. "where is the lady with pink hair" every finger in the room pointed. i can only imagine the sore necks that the waiting room attendees will have tomorrow from jerking to look as tabitha walked in. serves them right..

anyway the first nurse was kinda judgmental and promptly transfered us (alleging incompetence) to the emergency room. we received excellent care. they glued her head back together and three hours later we left. the kids were amazing, very well behaved. albeit bribery promises were made and later fulfilled.

the only real problem is that we must now endure the post hospital illness. whatever rampant virus or bacteria contained in the hospital was surely ferreted out by one or more of the kids. i hate hospitals mainly for that reason.
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