Tuesday, July 31, 2007

remember the tooth...

tristan lost his first tooth--yes he'll be five in ten days. he feigned believing in the tooth fairy "i just wanted a dollar". i was skeptical that he really believed it but went along anyway. tabitha was taken hook, line and sinker. albeit he had a very complex tooth fairy story involving intricate tooth removal (from under the pillow) systems. she allegedly had a castle and (well i forget why she actually wanted the teeth). you get the picture he contrived this whole story based on pbs legend. he confessed and just wanted a dollar.

i love my boy--manipulative though he may be. don't feel sorry for his innocence lost. he has a strong harry potter belief and the star wars cult is well within his understanding. yes many things are magic in this life but they don't have to be contrived by me or any other portion of society. they can be magic just because he says they are.

anyway HE is magic and that is all that matters.
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