Saturday, July 14, 2007

one local summer make-up quiz

since this is only for partial credit i'll give our worst example of a local meal around the pile.

yeterday lunch

black bean quesadillas with fresh salsa

we buy black beans in bulk (no local grower and we don't have the garden space yet). they come dried in 25# bags but tabitha localizes them, well makes them much more convenient. she soaks around 5 pounds of them in water overnight. then fills canning jars with the swollen beans and adds our own garlic and a bit of onion and salt. she then pressure cans them and puts them in the pantry. they are so great a quick easy side-dish or main course.

tabitha also has perfected queso fresco. having a cow with ample milk makes the trial and error method of cheese making reasonable and somewhat necessary. this cheese is so good, fresh and stringy. we love it.

the tortillas--well their store bought. making our own is in our plans but there is only so much time in the day and the kids eat an incredible amount of tortillas daily.

then there is the salsa fresca (pico de gallo) fresh tomatoes, onions, pepper, garlic and cilantro from the pile. the lime, salt and black pepper are shipped in via some smoke spewing petrol consuming machine.

well it doesn't quite qualify for 100% local but that is about the worst it gets around here. partial credit please?
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