Monday, July 02, 2007

weekend progress

we have been planning to put pictures in these windows since we moved here. just prior to this all you could see was the cob webs in our laundry room. originally the house was smaller and these windows viewed the out of doors.

in celebration to kassi graduating from a little potty we got a new toilet seat cover. it is also in anticipation of the completed bath room.

the demolition is in progress. i still have to rip out this old leaky piece of crap tub/shower unit and fix the floor under it. the floor is almost ready for hardiboard then floor covering.

pretty sunflowers in the front yard.

beans just started today. i ate two and tabitha ate one--thats all.

the tomato jungle--no machetes allowed

the bean arch is really filling in

happy baby just to cheer you up.
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