Tuesday, July 17, 2007

one local summer week #3

here is our week three submission. i know i'm a little late but i'll do an extra credit lunch very soon.
fresh milk from our cow. see how the cream sticks to side of the jar. there is usually a three to four inch layer of cream that will support any kitchen utensil.
spaghetti sauce fresh from the garden tomatoes and spices (not salt & black pepper)
meat balls our cow, fresh eggs and fresh basil.
cheese tabithas queso fresco (she makes about five pounds a week now)
sauteed squash and onions yellow crooked neck squash and onions from the garden.
noodles angel hair from hodson mill yeah this is the only thing that isn't from our farm but they are local to gainsville, mo--less than 50 miles away.

tristan loves tabitha's meat balls and has been begging for them for several days now. his dinner request repertoire always amazes me--so wide ranging and he'll pull stuff out of his hat that we havn't had in months. kassi is still eating very blandly and hates any deviation from the usual suspects. although one redeeming characteristic of late is, she has taken to eating everything with chopsticks. we encourage this individuality and hope that her culinary breadth widens soon.

toly eats anything. especially stuff that the older kids have abandoned in a less frequented corners of the house. he is so agile and strong these days. he regularly walks the entire house without touching anything. the most amazing thing is his feet first off the bed move and then he'll climb right back up. the bed is neck high to him but he still negotiates it easily.
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