Tuesday, July 24, 2007

one local summer week #4

chicken soup

tabitha and the kids are sick--kassi is now also. tabitha thought that a healing chicken soup would be a big help. she took an entire frozen chicken and dropeed it in a pot of water, boiled it while i was at work--i took my half day today because of the illnesses. when i got home i cooled it off and stripped the meat off the bone. i took some onions and sauteed them with two heads of whole garlic cloves. i turned the broth back on and added the meat and sliced carrots. i let that cook down and added a mess of spices--i cook by taste. these are the main spices garlic, rosemary, ginger, sage, bay leaves, salt and my new black pepper. tabithas friend sent us some black pepper from their 2004 trip to india. it was local to the region they visited. i know it doesn't count against the carbon footprint like truly local does but damn it is great pepper. pepper like this is impossible for me to get locally, regionally or even nationally and i sorely missed having great pepper.

so i cheated and cheated big but i'll atone for my sins by eating locally all week long. well, my sacrifice isn't too large since eating locally for the rest of the week was my plan anyway.

after the soup rolled for a while laden with spices i wisked three eggs together and drizzled them into the soup. it makes for beautiful lacy flower petal droplets. i turned off the bruner and chopped and added swiss chard mostly stems. that was it--soup fit for a meal.

our farm
chicken butchered this spring 9lbs
eggs thanks girls
swiss chard

carrots organic (not locally available)

those tomatoes are queued for ketchup today.


mamabug said...

my god, look at those tomatoes! And to think, it was August last year before ya'll started canning!

I am SO envious. I am getting a tomato here and there - mostly small ones but there are thousands of green ones slowly ripening.

Today I ate my first larger tomato right there in the garden... yum.

but I remember the tomato sandwiches... homemade mayo, bread and that thick, steak-like slab of purple cherokee! sigh. worth the heat and humidity of southwestern missouri... hmmm... let me think about that one!

Danielle said...

The pepper sounds wonderful. We've decided that when stuff is brought by people who would be making the trip anyway, it doesn't really count. *g* Like grandparents bringing delicious deli and bread products from outside NYC, for instance. Heck, they shop there anyway and would be visiting us anyway...so, there you go, it doesn't really count.

Hope you guys feel better soon. Did Tabitha cut all her hair? I shaved my head for about 3 years, and it was fabulously freeing.

Oooh, and the Jersey—I want a Jersey!

Walter Jeffries said...

I'm jealous... Our tomatoes are far behind yours! They look great!

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