Friday, September 14, 2007

everything is fine

i was envious of hal seeing a mama wolf spider. now i just have to be envious or his photography skills. i just noticed danielle has a photo of one also

this is me painting our bath tub. yellow bathroom and red bathtub, primary colors anyone?

it is still wet. maybe we'll flip it over tomorrow. see a before shot here.

this is my new (to me) truck. i like it so much already. it should prove very useful.

the cow is still on the mend. we still don't know if her milk supply will return. for now, we just want her to get better.

is all better and feisty as ever

she is also all better, almost instantly after the antibiotics.

Aunt Cindy
we still haven't talked to her. we hope she comes to missouri and stays a while or indefinitely. i know she could still use a hug.

the farm
the goats are gone (THANK GOD). we sold them and i'm happy to have them out of here. we butchered noisy roosters yesterday. good riddance to them also. the ducks are great. the girls (hens) are almost up to full production. tabitha harvested 1/5th of the beans. we have a small harvest of cucumber seeds. probably not enough to include in the christmas gift seed pack:( the fall garden seems to be doing well. Boca (Nimues calf) is nursing on Nimue full time in an effort to increase her milk supply.

I'm still a bit worn down from all of the recent drama. thanks everyone for the prayers and well wishes.
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