Friday, September 28, 2007

nimue our cow is dying

nimue is on deaths door. we went to visit her where she was visiting her beau. she was lying down and got up very slowly. as she painfully walked across the field i could barely stand to watch her amble toward us. she was skin and bones. i gave her alfalfa pellets and she couldn't eat them. she was drooling heavily and it appeared that she couldn't eat hardly at all. tabitha and i freaked out. if you have been reading this blog you know what an important part of our lives she is.

we dashed to the monhallands and Lance was luckily home. he said "we have to save the family cow." he helped us load nimue and calf for a journey to the vet. the nearest large animal vet is close to fifty miles away. we sped there so quickly that tristan noticed how fast we were driving. i said that we don't normally drive this fast only in emergency situations.

at the vet they were swamped with emergencies. we waited forty minutes. when the vet got there he sized her up and had us load her in the stanchion. he basically told us that there is two things that could be wrong with her and that both of them were fatal.

the kind of fatal that nothing can be done for?

anyway after about an hour of crying we managed to convince him that we wanted to treat her or test her for every possible thing that could cause this and wasn't fatal. he was an insensitive jerk and made tabitha cry even further.

eventually we loaded her up and Lance and Darla took nimue home. we went in to pay the vet bill knowing that i had about thirty and change in the account. up until this point i was holding it all together fairly well. tristan said "mommy, i don't want nim to die." tears welled up in my eyes and i put my head down. feeing so vulnerable and having my son plea for our cows life was more than i could take.

i don't know how we'll recover from this one, emotionally or finacially. a new jersey will cost $2,400, if tabitha can convince herself to milk another cow. the kids know about death but not from this standpoint.
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