Friday, September 07, 2007

Painting--fun for everyone

they got to help. these are the kind of childhood memories that we'll cherish.

so much fun. help was relative to their age but appreciated none the less.

the bathroom is now very yellow. it glares of mexico and we love it.

we got some rescue poultry. ducks, chickens, bantams and more ducks. i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. progress on the bathroom seems to take second chair to the needs of all the animals.

here some of them are hiding in the okra.

we also got a new bed. our friends made it and we really like it.

it has been sitting in our garage for a while waiting for me to put it together. i'll do anything besides working on replacing that sliding glass door. tearing into it seems so daunting. what mysteries await to foil sealing the gaping hole in our house.

i found a flea market deal of these cool blue glass canning jars. some of them were half gallon size. i really like the imperfections that make each unique. included in the box was a bunch of old clear glass jars also. we'll use the whole mess to store pasta and stuff.

i also bought a 1984 nissan pickup. as a farm truck. i'll be able to commute to work and tabitha can take the kids to the park for play dates, deliver milk or whatever.
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