Sunday, January 13, 2008

carrots anyone?

i must find room in the garden map for carrots, broccoli and cabbages. arragh.. i'll post an updated version later today.

danielle, we mostly eat edamame as a vegetable--a whole food in moderation. the kids love it they eat it like mad when we cook it. we get our protein elsewhere during our meals. we eat tofu occasionally from whole soaked soy beans. we believe that the protein isolates in over eaten soy products are the true problem. we love swiss chard--tristan's first food.

Jbmaine, sorry i didn't include scale in my map. the garden is 70 feet by 40 feet of plantable area. i'm going to squeeze more room from somewhere.

sugarcreekstuff & pichinde, we will probably do two separate orders of chickens, six each time. one order will be buffs and the other will be golden laced.

Kevin and Beth, yeah if you consider actually collecting the seeds the work was too much to attempt as anything except a labor of love.

loaded wood box on front porch--it should last until february. one and a half cord of wood cut, split and stacked by driveway for next winter--another 3/4 cord to go.


homemoma said...

oh, and what program did you use for the map drawing

karl said...

i use adobe illustrator. it's a bit of overkill but i know how to use it extremely well--the magazine years.

Danielle said...

Thanks Karl for the response. I agree that much of the problem lies with the fact that soy, like corn, is now ubiquitous in the standard American diet—not to mention the fact that much of it gmo. Take a look at my recent seed post, and you'll see why it was easy for me to leave it out this year. *laughing*

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