Thursday, January 10, 2008

thoughts of spring dance in my head

the barrage of seed catalogs have sucessfully transported me into spring. there are only a few seeds that we'll purchase this year. japanese long cucumbers, bulls blood beets, swiss chard and some yet to be revealed melon and pumpkin. more will be known when i get around to making a garden map. i'll put the new adobe illustrator™ through its paces. my experience with adobe indesign™ was painless--some of the old quark express™ quick commands even worked.

we also recieved the new McMurrary Hatchery catalog. we are contemplating our new girls. the group of suspected free-loaders will be under close scrutiny. this spring will be a large culling. chicken broth will be made and canned. we like the idea of the Light Brahmas, New Hampshire Reds and Golden Laced Wyandottes. we have a local hatchery in springfield but their quality and health of the chicks has always been questionable. McMurrary Hatchery is a bit more expensive but we feel that they are worth it.

i have tons more of work for this season, including several more trees to cut down. i should quit being so dreamy about the next season.
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