Thursday, January 17, 2008

the perfect bread

rather the quest for it.

only twice in my life have i had perfect bread. i pine for both moments.

the first time was while in paris. it happened every morning at the little cafe near the hotel. i had a thick rich creamy coffee and a baguette with fresh butter. it was heaven in a simple bread.

the next time was in berkeley. tabitha and tristan were at elephant pharmacy. i went to andronicos and grabbed a baguette because i was starving. i shared it with tabitha and we both agree it was vastly superior to anything. while in the bay area we enjoyed great bread regularly. this was truly perfect bread.

here in missouri the perfect bread can only be a distant memory. tabitha makes good bread but is handicapped. the nature of the local yeast affects the bread negatively--it is inversely true of paris and san francisco. geographically handicapped and the best we can hope for in perfectly executed bread is and 8 or 9 on the 0-10 scale.

our micro climate has one thing. it grows the most fabulous tomatoes. they are like no others. in fact the red round fruit found in most grocery stores shouldn't be able to be called tomatoes.

i think there should be a label MISSOURI TOMATOES. it's defining characteristics are grown in southern missouri. no pesticides, no gmo, no petrol based fertilizers, picked fully ripe and never refrigerated. every other type of tomato should bear the burden of listing it's negative characteristics like cigarette labels must. GMO or hot house or chilled below 50 degrees.

what is perfect in your micro climate?
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