Saturday, January 19, 2008

one, two, chicken poo

this is our back porch. recently the chickens have decided that since we are the main source of food they should just wait at the door for it. herein is the problem. if you leave the house via the back door re-entry is impossible. why? chicken poo in the house sucks. if you look closely at the floor of the previous picture you might notice a greenish brown hue. chicken poo.

i decided that something must be done but i wasn't ready for a slaughter. we stopped by the semi-local home improvement store--the one that doesn't hire "those illegals." i usually prefer to support a compassionate immigration friendly store but exceeding a reasonable carbon footprint was looming.

thirty some odd dollars later we were on our way. i had remaining horse panel from a previous project. i integrated it into the design. other considerations were to make using the solar clothes drier easier and allow for a cat sanctuary.

so i built the rail and chicken barrier. then they came.

they wanted in. they were looking for chink in the armor. they really wanted in. circling like sharks. i hadn't made the gate yet. i propped my "show" saw horses at the entrance for the evening. somehow my measures only budded the curiosity. then they were in. congregating and still making little donations on the porch.

the next day i made the gate. it is a cute gate. it worked, they are successfully excommunicated from the porch. today, day three, i scrubbed the porch twice--hot soapy water then hot soapy bleach water. i usually don't like to use too much bleach but this is a case where extra was necessary.

there is a fine line in chicken behavior that we'd like to achieve. a chicken troupe that stays close enough to home as to not offend our neighbors but stays off all porches. culling this spring will include three of the roosters including the white monster. we hope to kill the wider ranging roosters leaving the two agoraphobics to keep the girls at home. we have had luck with this in the past.

i received a blog award but in respect of the striking writers and my unwillingness to cross any picket lines i'll shrink further into my bubble and just say thanks from here. thanks to my lovely wife and children, my muses. without them i would probably be sitting on some bar stool waiting for my turn at the pool table. thanks to pablo and danielle, my first two readers. they are probably the reason that this blog continued beyond a fizzling whim. mostly thanks to all of you supporters. the prayer and collective consciousness have helped us through many troubled times. isn't the blogosphere wonderful? it affords a community where never possible before.
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