Wednesday, January 09, 2008

legacy fiasco





we have had this bulldozed ditch full of an old house on the edge of our property since we moved here. the junk pile was a blight that seemed to never be likely gone. i pulled a huge favor to get lance over here with his backhoe. mike set it ablaze a few hours before i got off from work. i feel bad about burning such a toxic mess. i called our neighbors yesterday and warned them of the impending plume. lance kept busy all day ripping not easily burnable stumps from the ground. he displaced some of our precious topsoil but it's a price that must be paid. we have many locust trees that sprout a crown of extreemly thorny suckers when the stump is left. they grow back extra thorny if you try to burn the stump. eradication of these is near impossible without poison or mechanically ripping them from the soil.

we found a new home for our ducks. they spend entirely too much time wasting chicken feed for my taste. i planned to kill them. my days are already too busy to fit an event like that in. catching them and hauling them off will be plenty.

here are some of our girls. i think these are the productive click.

these are the rest of them--the free loaders.

our seed gifts were a huge success. everyone loved them. there is still one to go out but we need to send something else along also hence the delay.

here is a a gratuitous shot of the kids enjoying a pomegranate.

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Kevin and Beth said...

Karl, I read about you putting together your seed packets and how cool is it that people are posting about it on their blogs! It looks like you did a great job because they look professional but still have a rustic, warm feel. Outstanding! I wish I had half the knowledge that you have with the techical aspects of blogging. I really like the way you add videos and your layout is great. My attempts have been frustrating to say the least! Anyway, love your blog, read everyday.

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