Sunday, February 24, 2008

it's official

cabin fever has consumed me. we have been sick so many times this winter that i'm not convinced that any illness actually ever left. i can't do anything outside. the ground is so soggy that simply pushing a half filled wheelbarrow of manure leaves huge furrows. i can't work in the garden cause walking on it while this wet ruins the soil.

i have placated my sense of urgency by researching and buying stuff. our tax return came. we need to spend it up--hookers and gin. hookers and gin is a little joke around here. every time there is an inkling of extra money we laugh about spending it on hookers and gin. seriously though, we do without so many things that when an opportunity arises to get some of them we leap to our research stations. where is the best price? what is the best value? is there free shipping?

we bought a new canner. the jars it will hold are 15 qts, 24 pints, 28 half pints or 12 gals. we have been wanting one of these for almost three years. anywhere we can save time during canning season is money well spent.

we also got a large stockpot. it holds 24 quarts of liquid. yeah it's a pricey all-clad but not all stainless is equal. there will be burnt on stewed tomatoes at some point and we want to be able to clean the pan after word. it'll probably double as the ritualized popcorn cooker. all o'melays love popcorn.

i also got some bee keeping supplies. oh, that was exciting making those purchases. i'll take photos of them upon their arrival. we'll play dress up--kassi's favorite game.

tabitha also got three more bread pans. three loafs at a time isn't reasonable for this family. no expense spared there.

we also got new comforters, the old ones leak from so many repairs that dust allergies are festering.

the next big purchase will be fencing--en garde. two rolls of wove wire, sixty steel posts and some cattle panels for the garden. that purchase is long over due. it'll take two trips in my little truck to get everything. i'll get some of it monday. i need to be up near ozark to get milk from janet anyway. i'll go after work since i'll be already half way there.

once the fencing arrives there will be no excuse for getting the back paddock done in short order. i'll still have to cut a couple of cedars for corner posts. dig a few holes and we'll be fencing in earnest.

the girls are laying 10 to 12 eggs per day. i guess my threats of a major culling worked. the new chicken coop will have to be scrapped together. funds are too short to apply any money there yet.
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