Friday, February 15, 2008

i'm ready for my closeup

it is so funny how different each child is from the others. kassi is in a constant state of dress-up. her day consists of one huge costume change. she is quite good at creating ensembles. the veil was something from the towel cupboard. it was the starting point of her outfit. everything else was neatly assembled to match and complement it.

at least she has stopped going out with mismatched shoes. when i'd ask her about her lack of matching shoes she'd reply "i couldn't decide, so i wore both."

toly and tristan are much more similar to each other--being boy and all. although toly is much more affectionate than any of the kids. he'll come up to us and hug us for no reason at all--long tight hugs that seem to last forever.

tristan is the outgoing one. he is extremely confident, articulate and engaging. we were supposed to start a daily chess regimen. the chessstore has sold out the set that i want. i spent hours searching online chess stores for the perfect set. i finally made the perfect choice. a set that is of substantial size. it is weighted so the pieces won't topple easy. the set design is of a classic style for easy recognition. most importantly it is beautiful. the one unusual thing about it is the pieces are burgundy and cream.

they said that they are expecting delivery within two months. the crappy thing is they are still offering it as "in stock" at their website. it makes me mad but i've decided to wait.
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