Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the quest of milk

our cow is dry. we tried to get "store milk" everyone got sick. we got the good stuff, glass bottles and all. it's official the addiction has become a dependency. our friend janet has goats and a couple of cows. we stopped in to get three gallons from her. she had a really cool cheese press that she sold us cheap. she also gave us one of those polycarbonate ronco food dehydrators (new).

we scored, the kids can drink milk again. tabitha has her very own cheese press. we can research and develop this whole solar food dehydrating with a conventional small scale model. yeah it plugs in, yeah it uses electricity. we still are going to build a solar version but this will be good practice. if you have never had dehydrated onions you are really missing something.

i chatted with jeff, janet's husband. he is in the beginning stages of putting P.V. on his house. he also has a 300 watt wind generator that he's going to install. he just got his gutters put on the first step to capturing rain water. he wants to build a ram pump to get his spring water up to the goats. i said i saw plans somewhere in my stuff. i offered to instigate an archaeological dig, assuming i can get past the strata of toys, for the documents.

i mostly talked about stirling engines and how i wish i could afford one to make into a hybrid energy source. wood fired during the winter and solar powered during the summer. new designs via the aerospace industry have overcome most of the efficiency issues of the past. now if i could just knock one from space have it survive re-entry and land on the back of the property...

mark my words stirling engines will help usher us past this oil dependency.
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