Wednesday, February 20, 2008

starting seeds on the full moon

tonight is the full moon and lunar ellipse to boot. it is time to start tomatoes, maybe a few days early as far as time till we'll plant them. we had good luck last year but wished some of them were a bit more leggy. most tomato growers look for a medium plant with a stout stem. we discovered that the plants that were leggy last year did better at the end of the day. we followed directions and planted them in a trench instead of a hole and laid them on their side with just the last few leaf sections exposed. the root systems were huge having all that exposure to form root.

we planted
40 amish paste
40 cherokee purple
9 yellow pear
9 omar's lebanese
9 principe boghese
9 japanese black tifele
9 tomatillos
4&5 of two kinds of hot peppers

we didn't have room for the others maybe next year. i have to remember to save more seeds from the amish paste tomatoes, we almost ran out. although we have plenty of cherokee purple left over if any one wants any just let me know. tristan is so excited about the yellow pear that he has infected kassi with the yellow pear tomato lust.

tabitha planted the broccoli and cabbage seen here a few weeks ago.

our biggest next trick will be to keep toly out of the baby plants and glorious dirt.

i have been recreational reading this winter. it has been a while. this week it is dune. toly cozies next to me and sleeps sometimes. reading helps calm the kids in the evening. it encourages them to read themselves and makes for a quieter house.

we are expecting another ice storm this evening. i'd like to not work at bobs tomorrow and an ice storm is the perfect excuse. i'd work on the grow light shelf and figure some protection scheme.
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