Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentines--hard hats only

the ice melts. the ice pelts--hard hats only.

like a giant chandelier. better stay in the clear--hard hats only.


uncle matt said...

Great pictures again! I'll bet you had to look up the spelling for chandelier.

jayedee said...

we actually had ice like that in florida a month or so ago! course it's a novelty to ya'll i guess it's just a pain! lol
happy valentine's day to all of ya'll! hope your day was wonderful!

karl said...



luckily i have a resident regional spelling bee champion on staff.


a pain indeed. happy valentines day to you also.

Jackie said...

I remember the ice from living out west and in TN. It's beautiful to look at for a minute...until the limbs start breaking and falling on the house, cars, chicken house..or worse yet...somebody!
I've been looking at a town in you know anything about the area? If so, would you mind sharing your impressions. Thanks..J

karl said...

jackie sorry don't know anything about carthage.

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