Saturday, January 10, 2009

chicken soup

tabitha has been making bone-broth chicken soup regularly since our quitting milk. i guess that cooking the bones for extended periods makes the bone calcium bio-available to us. regardless of the super nutritional benefits, she has perfected it. the soup is so rich and flavorful. she adds some of our dehydrated onions and several heads of garlic. then the coup d’état is her crazy-good semolina egg noodles. our girls eggs are so dark yellow that anything cooked with them takes on that rich color. the kids all love the soup and we eat it for several meals between roast chickens.

dehydrated onions is a technology that we'll incorporate into our life forever. the onions keep better and are simple to use. a solar dehydrator is in my near future--this summer.

best of all we have been eating the soup from our new set of bowls from annie--also thanks for the tomato seed btw.

it is like drinking a specific wine from the proper glass designed for that wine. the bowls complete the soup into a final product, the sum being greater than it's parts. it is like garden fresh tomatoes and home made cottage cheese, the sum being greater than it's parts. there are many things where the sum being greater than it's parts but they are usually experienced infrequently in life.

the kids are really growing fast these days.

rome is especially breaking the time-speed-continuum. he is so-almost crawling.

we all huddled in front of the imac camera the other day.

our chickens laid twelve eggs yesterday. tomorrow i'll make morning-cake aka french toast. it is a very popular breakfast around here. we buy real vanilla and maple syrup from the natural foods store. given our farm fresh free range eggs and the result is heavenly. i'll try to capture the excitement on camera tomorrow morning once they know what i intend to make for breakfast.

i have officially gone through 2/3 of our wood queued for this winter. i have some other back-up wood that we could burn this year. i guess everyone is burning more wood than usual in this area. i'm not sure what the factors are that cause this. we are burning an inordinate amount because a baby needs a really warm house to crawl around in.

i bought bees yesterday. three pounds of russian and marked queen. i pledge to take better care of the bees this year. i need to get my Ch'i groovin' with these bees this year. we love them and are willing to go to great lengths to have them here. the russian queen will be an experiment. people either love or hate them. we'll see where our cards fall regarding them. i'm excited for this new adventure.

i need to get tabitha a bee suit. it will be better if we do it more closely together. we balance out each other in life and approaching the bees together will be one further example of how we do things better together. we can play off each others strengths and achieve the sum being greater than it's parts. isn't that what life is about?
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