Monday, January 19, 2009

double yolk

we have finally finished the painting--mostly. the room looks great we love it, regardless what the home depot employees think.

the furniture is still away from the walls but here is another view.

princess kassi was trying really hard to keep busy while we painted.

toly managed to get paint on him on several occasions.

the girls are really laying lately. we even got this huge egg yesterday.

it was like a goose egg. this was our egg haul yesterday.

when i cracked it to make french toast (morning cake) this is what i found.

all the years here we have never gotten a double yolk--twins. i guess we got twelve eggs yesterday after all.

luckily it was a three day weekend for me. we'd have never finished in just two days. every time i re-enter the room i am startled and overcome with glee. now if i can just keep the kids from smearing everything before it dries.
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