Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice storm 2009

yep, we have been iced-in. i have been doing all kinds of domestic stuff. i made tabitha a knitting chart. well, i provided the envelope of technology and she provided the creative juice. she exercised her google-foo and found an old tapestry that had a representation of desired heraldic design. i mashed it around in photoshop and converted it to the proper resolution for easy coloring. tabitha sat down to it and tweaked it until she was happy. i then imported it into illustrator where the graph and numbers were added. this is the result.

she plans to knit it into a sweater for tristan.

the ice then sleet then ice then snow made for a wonderfully wintry scene.

the kids love it.

toly especially likes the snow.

happy day for them

tristan really really loves the snow too.

he spent more time outside today than indoors.

sledding is a favored activity.

i got to stay home for the second day in a row and worked on my new shelf.

henry the-show-dog is a snow-dog. he loves the snow too.

tabitha and rome came out to see the majesty.

the trees are laden with ice.

tristan is a great big brother.

ice everwhere

heavy and beautiful

i took the kids for a pull.

geared up for the ride

ok, let's go

they survived the final curve.

one more time.

henry needed to get into the action.

again, again..

sweet elysium

henry had never seen me play like this.

rome wanted to get into the fray

all the trees were bowing under the weight.

cute dog house

many fallen broken trees

the ice is so thick and beautiful.

not quite as beautiful as my lovely wife.

even the beautiful gate is envious.

the chickens are a bit freaked out.


Fleecenik Farm said...

Looks like a great day. the snow is falling heavily here. Should be about 18 inches by morning. I am hoping that hubby has a snow day tomorrow!

edifice rex said...

That is a GREAT shelf unit that you built. Very nice.

Danielle said...

Fun! You should send some of the pics to Obama and explain how worth while it can be to take a day off for "a little ice" every now and then! :)

warren said...

The kids did you do pulling them around all day on the sled? I bet you slept well!

Matt said...

That shelf is fantastic. Wish I could do stuff like that!

Matthew Daughters said...

Greta, great pictures! You need to cut a path down the hill in the backyard for a sled run! It could also serve as a drop-in ramp for the skateboard ramp you build in the spring!

Wendy said...

That knit pattern is really awesome. You guys do good work :).

I'd have hooked Henry up to the sled and let him pull. When my girls were younger (and the dog wasn't quite so old, either), our chow used to pull them in the wagon. She didn't like it very much, though ;).

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