Saturday, January 17, 2009

can't buy bright paint without complaint

why is is that people feel the need to discourage us whenever we plan to purchase brightly colored and vibrant paint? "oh you probably better take those paint chips home and view them in your house." or "are you sure you want that color?" or "nobody paints their buildings that color." or "this color will make your room look smaller." we love our bright colors and will never be dissuaded by the local self professed interior designer working at home depot.

in true omelay fashion we needed to get the kids involved.

the paint is gloriously bright.

toly was especially excited to paint. he even followed my instructions very closely.

wax on, wax off...

after everyone got plenty of paint on each other we shuffled them to a hot bubble bath.

tabitha and i finished the walls first coat and painted the ceiling (white). we sat back as the sun set and watched our room glow from the natural light. even this morning we are still excited about our new color.

it snowed yesterday morning. very cold burrrr.

cold cat

catching snow flakes

henry is completely unfazed by the cold. it is all fun and games when a boy enters the yard.

livestock guarding duties are postponed until further notice. that is, until i appear to get ready to feed him then he promptly runs to the most immediately threatening corner of the paddock and barks at the air. he does this to show that he has been doing his job well and acts a self promotion role. i encourage these quirks.

i wonder if his fur will always stay this soft. he is like a big teddy bear. well, HUGE teddy bear. i picked him up the other day and guess he weighs 120 lbs. as i recall his parents were about four inches taller at the shoulder than he is now. i can't imagine how much he'll weight when he is full grown? his parents were rail thin and expected to hunt for part of their food. we are just happy to have him well fed and diligently guarding our homestead.
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