Friday, January 08, 2010

after saving twenty thousand dollars..

several weeks ago my boss's boss sent me an email praising me for saving the state of missouri over twenty thousand dollars. during the past three months i have spent over half my time in training classes for required certifications for our facility. i have been preparing for a long and healthy working relationship--even committing to retiring out of division of youth services, state of missouri.

the main problem is that i am only halftime. in fact, i remained the final half time employee in DYS. until now that is.

yes, i got laid off as of upcoming february first. the real explosion hasn't happened, so the dust can't really settle yet. i am optimistic, my department of natural resources certification has come through just in the nick of time. i wrote a letter and my boss signed it stating that i did indeed have the experience necessary to qualify for the the "C" license.

ultimately we have plenty of food, a roof over our head, plenty of wood to heat with, and big car payment--our only scary expense. the kids health insurance will change but they'll remain covered. i plan to apply for unemployment and look for work. i also hope to get some sorely needed things done around here. we plan to make many upgrades to our garden. i hope to build the kids a play structure out of cedar logs that will double as a garden shed. the feed barn needs to be redone, exterior and roof. i have most of the materials for this.

more importantly i need to get the milking barn done. we'll use a bit from our tax return to buy the few needed materials and we will make a family project out of it. a cob barn with a slip-form foundation. i'll make a blog label and accompanying series of posts. this might afford me the time to really flush out this blog with sustainably minded projects.

my brain is percolating with ideas to make extra money around here. i might attempt to fill some niche markets that would have served our needs and i assume that others would benefit from them too. to be announced..

we will be selling seedlings this spring, tomato, pepper, sweet potatoes and several flower varieties. we have the green house and will need to start ours so we'll start all extras and sell them too. this could actually be a real boon to our spring finances.

i'll post further about this as the dust settles.
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