Monday, January 11, 2010

the last few days

my boss, in an effort to get me more money, has suggested that i work forty hours per week for the last few weeks. this will help quite a bit. it might boost ever so slightly the amount that i qualify for unemployment. that is, if i need to go that route. so i'll be very busy for the next three weeks.

while at work today i already missed my children horribly. they got to make a snow man and i would have loved to have been there helping. i guess toly made the biggest ball for the bottom all on his very own.

the carrot, for the nose, was from our garden.

the coal was char-coal from our wood stove.

kassi donated her scarf

tabitha told me that they were singing frosty the snow man the entire time. how fun? tristan is sitting over my shoulder reading this and commenting that it was hard work.

rome helped and felt quite empowered.

there are tons of tasks at work that require two people. james and i are really trying to get most of them done before i have to move on. i am excited to have a few weeks off to try to get things done around here. if nothing turns up i might try to raise chickens this spring for sale.

i figure that i can order the amount that we would normally eat and raise them in the spring. if they don't sell them we'll just eat them ourselves and not raise anymore. if they all sell them i'll just raise another batch during the fall for ourselves. no real risk and we could be offering a great service to our locavores that can't raise their own birds.

there is a large group of local people that buy from a food coop. i will try to peddle our wares there.
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