Sunday, January 10, 2010

listy list

i put a timed light in chicken coop set for 5am, off 7:30am in the morning. then on again at 4:45pm til 7pm. we are getting an average of two eggs per day and have over thirty five hens. chicken and dumplings might be on the menu. oops i guess dumplings are made with eggs.

the green house didn't make it through the deep freezes we have had of late. lettuce soup anyone?

the pipes froze last night. nothing broke but i had to melt the line to the hot water heater. i have one of those freezeless spigots and it froze clear back to the line that feeds the water heater. it has been so cold here, the coldest since we moved here.

the sun is shining and frost is falling from the the sky like snow. it is magical.

this photo dosen't do it justice.

we got part of our seed order yesterday. hope embodied in a package in the mail.
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