Monday, January 18, 2010

springlike conditions in january

the bees were stretching their wings.

tabitha and i worked the black raspberries. we clipped, dug and tied them into a nice neat row. we had to put in the fence posts and wire. it was very sharp and scratchy business. we have been threatening to do this for many months. the task seemed so daunting.

we are very glad to have this behind us. we put a piece of old carpet between the rows and mulched them very heavily with wood chips.

it looks better than i could have expected it too. the kids will have a cozy place to stand while picking. these berries are unbelievable in pancakes.

after church yesterday we went to the park. the kids had so much fun.

rome climbed everywhere just like the big goys

toly had a blast too

tristan enjoyed himself

strong boy crossed every money bar set.

rome showing off


let me out!

over here

kassi was very princessly after she got over having to wear a coat.

too much fun


crazy baby

the slide was a little damp

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