Saturday, January 02, 2010

the new year

we spent the day cleaning out the refrigerator and defrosting it. yes, we allegedly have a frost free fridge. this has happened before whent he drain tube got clogged by errant food stuff. i hope this works because if it frosts up again then that means it is broken. our local repair guy is reasonable but this is bad timing having just had christmas and all.

henry is still very sick. tabitha mentioned that he might need to be "put down" i can't bring myself to do it. i still harbor a glimmer of hope that he might snap out of it.

the kids are still very happy with their christmas gifts. tristan has been glued to his nintendo DS, legend of zelda spirit tracks. i have been helping a little but finally showed him how to find the walkthrough via google.

we got toly one of those crank-up flash lights.

it is the most popular purchased toy. i especially like it because it teaches the kids how much effort/energy it takes to make a light turn on. furthermore they have stopped stealing my flashlight that i need for evening chores. i highly recommend this as a gift for a destructive, precocious three year old.

no news about tristan yet. we are going to see the doctor about a biopsy in a few weeks. none of the doctors seem to think that it is anything really bad. i just want to know..

kassi is wonderful and really really want to go visit my parents in michigan in the spring. she takes after my mother in many ways. it will be exciting to see them together.

rome is great, too cute and knows it. he and toly are a team and when they are being good it is like bliss but when they are being naughty i worry that i might not survive.

happy new year
my resolution is to try to post more often, that is if i believed in resolutions..
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