Saturday, November 26, 2005

eighteen cedar posts later

we completed the most southerly fence line today. it took a total of 18 cedar fence poles that came from across the road on mikes property. the scale on my illustration is a bit skewed. the eastern fence line is next and is about twice as long. that'll use up probably 40 cedar posts. then we are almost done with the nimue pasture. the road side already had a fence--it only needed a little work(corner posts and re-stretching)

i updated the garden map. it's a bit more accurate. the purple fence lines are alreday completed. we discussed it & decided to move the milking shed to the back of the pasture. i'll need to level the ground in the new location. i wish i had a line level. mine are all gone. obviously they seem like toys to small children.

the to-be-seasoned wood pile is growing and as a bonus will make a nice privacy fence from the road. i plan to extend it the entire length of nimue's pasture. there is about 3 ricks of wood there already and i have yet to split the hickory and all of the big sections from the oak. just these two trees should yield 7 or 8 ricks of very nice wood. but that is for next year since burning green wood is a really bad idea.

we also burned most of the field, we are hoping it killed most of the saplings. we plan to rotationally feed nimue (the cow) across the field. it should seed the field from the stepped-on hay all winter long. then in spring good grass might grow.

i'll take photos of our post apocalyptic pasture and fence tomorrow.


stella said...

what is the distance from the milking shed to the house? i'm just thinking of cold winter mornings and the long walk cuz i'm a wuss when it comes to cold myself :D (although baby #3 seems to have changed my tolerance a bit for the better).

is a rick the same as a cord? i like the idea of creating a privacy fence with your wood pile!

karl said...

as i recall, a cord is 4' wide by 4' tall by 8' long and a rick used to be half that, 2' wide by 4' tall by 8' long. however, since my old days of cutting wood things have changed. a rick is basically the width of the logs in our case 16" to 18" wide and the rest is the same 4' tall and 8' wide. they, whomever they are, have a mesurement called a face-cord that is really what people are talking about when the talk about a rick. a face cord is logs of any length and 4' high by 8' long. anyway, my stacks are closer to 5' tall & 8' wide. a true cord is usually three stacks of (the width of the wood usually 16") 4' tall and 8' wide.

we are excited by the idea of a privacy fence that will warm us next year. tabitha's father kinda uses his seasoning wood as a barrier and that gave us the idea.

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